Creating 3D objects has never been easier thanks to a broad collection of new procedural and interactive modeling tools. Automatically transform the topology of any mesh using ZRemesher. Create entirely new shapes with a bevy of powerful new interactive modeling tools, many of which can also be applied procedurally via Node Capsules. Advanced spline nodes power new capsule possibilities, while improved Vector Import support makes it easier than ever to work with Illustrator and SVG artwork.

Modeling with Symmetry allows mirrored changes on the model. Users can define the symmetry using the world grid, the object axis, a custom workplane, or even the topology of the model. Radial Symmetry makes it easy to interactively model anything round by defining a number of slices and offset. Select Pattern enables you to repeat a selection across the surface of your mesh with a click of a button. With the help of the Projection Deformer you can quickly move points from one object onto another in any direction.

The Property Transfer makes it easy to transfer tag data from one object to another and ensures consistency between detailed and simplified models. Easily select and transfer data with point, edge, and polygon selections tags.