We encourage challenge and motivate each other to be curious learners and drive innovation. We know how to get things done, but we also know how to have fun. Maxon is famous for its fun, inclusive and unique community building events. If you too want to be a Maxonian and help bring to market the finest software products for 2D and 3D visual effects, motion graphics, games, AR/MR/VR, visualization and general design, let’s talk.

Maxon is an equal opportunity employer. Information regarding the collection and processing of your application data.

We collaborate. We respect each other. We ask for help. We embrace diversity.

We are obsessed with customer fulfillment – before, during and after purchase.

Their success tells the story of our products value.

We embrace change, pursue the future and create cutting edge solutions.

If we see the opportunity of working together, we will contact you. Check out your emails!

Your first call will be with one of our HR Business Partners / Recruiters, usually it takes about 30 minutes and we want to know what are you looking for in your career and how Maxon can help you.

Second round will be scheduled with the hiring manager of the position, and it will take between 45-60 minutes and you will have the chance to prove your skills, knowledge and motivation to join us.

In a third round you will talk to one or more relevant members of the team, where you will have the chance to better understand the day to day and work culture at Maxon, and get a hint of the people you will work with.

Sometimes the team will invite you to an extra call if you have more questions that another Maxonian can help you better, or you will receive an assessment or case study that will help you understand the role. You will be always informed about the process.

Your HR Business Partner will contact you with an offer to join the team!

We will initiative all procedures to have you on board! On your first day and for the next months you will have a smooth onboarding process to ensure a stupendous landing!

A career at Maxon has a lot of benefits in store for you. At Maxon, our products, our employees and our operations positively impact communities around the world.