Maxon is pleased to introduce a comprehensive Teams Program that includes attractive bundles of Cinema 4D, Redshift and Red Giant Complete, top-tier support, deployment, onboarding and workflow guidance, and training specifically designed to meet the needs of large-scale customers. The annual subscription price is fully inclusive of all upgrades, support, maintenance, server software and render nodes. There are no hidden fees. Maxon’s Teams Program is available to new and current customers purchasing 3 or more seats.

Clients who have taken advantage of Maxon’s enterprise support and training have achieved enhanced workflow, increased productivity, and improved creative output.

Qualifying customers receive training customized to your workflows that are live, interactive and tailored specifically to professional production techniques.

Get everything you need from documentation, to installers, to executables, GUI client installers, scripted client installers and project files.

Download video samples, project files, and graphic elements that you can use to follow along with training sessions and kick start your team projects.

Dedicated help for large studios and production pipelines. Find out more.

Short on time? Check out our quick tips video training for Red Giant and Cinema 4D.

Maxon offers automated and hands-on exams to validate your current and future team members know-how. Check out our Certification programs.