Maxon Forger

the ultimate mobile 3D modeling and sculpting app

Designed by artists for artists, Forger is a 3D modeling and sculpting app for iPad. Combining the power of desktop-class tools with the portability of mobile devices, Forger allows you to create stunning 3D models for animation, motion graphics, films, games, 3D printing, and more. Sculpt with precision and share your creations seamlessly with Cinema 4D.


Plan includes

An intuitive multi-touch interface and a large range of sculpting tools.
Objects can be moved back and forth for an iterative workflow.
Forger is your portable sculpting workstation.

Forger utilizes advanced sculpting tools and dynamic brushes, enabling users to seamlessly manipulate digital clay and sculpt intricate forms with lifelike detail. Whether you're designing characters, creatures, or abstract sculptures, Forger provides a versatile platform for artistic expression.

Forger allows artists, designers, and other creative professionals to create 3D content wherever and whenever on a portable sculpting workstation.

Concept artists

Forger's powerful sculpting tools allow you to quickly capture and refine your ideas.

3D model sculpted using Forger
Artist: Eugenia Kamenshchikova

3D modelers

Forger's full polygonal modeling engine enables you to create complex models with precision.

3D model sculpted using Forger
Artist: Eugenia Kamenshchikova

Texture artists

Forger's per-vertex color painting capabilities let you create realistic textures.

3D models sculpted using Forger
Artist: Adam Dewhirst


Forger's sculpting and modeling tools can be used to create 3D characters and environments.

Animation still created using Forger
Artist: Mikey Dowdle

Forger’s revolutionary 3D modeling and sculpting capabilities bring together the organic expressiveness of sculpting and the precision of hard-surface, polygonal modeling.

✓ Seamlessly sculpt and model with your fingers or Apple Pencil.

✓ Bring your ideas to life with a wide range of brushes, modifiers, and remeshing tools.

✓ Create complex models with Maxon Cinema 4D’s polygonal modeling engine.

✓ Boost your workflow with non-destructive sculpting layers.

✓ Enhance your creations with a full range of lighting and shading tools.

✓ Paint your creations with per-vertex colors.

✓ Share your work with customers around the world using Forger’s multi-language support.

Robust sculpting tools

that are ideal for creating organic shapes to create characters, creatures, and landscapes.

Forger's intuitive interface

makes it easy to sculpt ideas quickly.

A full-featured polygonal modeling engine

allows you to create complex models with precision, such as vehicles, architecture, and props.

Per-vertex color painting

capabilities let you create realistic textures for your models.

Seamlessly share models

with Maxon Cinema 4D, enabling you to collaborate with other artists and designers.

Easy to learn and sculpt 3D creations

Forger is a 3D sculpting tool for beginners and professionals. It has an easy-to-use interface that makes digital creation faster and more efficient.

Precise 3D creation on iPad

Create detailed 3D models on iPad, like cars, buildings, and objects, using a powerful polygonal modeling engine.

Seamless 3D Design Workflow

Seamlessly share your 3D creations between Forger and Cinema 4D for a time-saving, collaborative workflow.

User using Forger to sculpt a 3D character
What is Maxon Forger?

Forger is a powerful 3D modeling and sculpting app that combines the precision of desktop tools with the portability of mobile devices. It allows you to create stunning 3D models and sculptures anywhere, anytime.

Which devices is Forger compatible with?

Forger is currently available for iPad. Requires iPadOS 16.0 or later.

What is the difference between Forger and other 3D modeling and sculpting apps?

Forger offers a unique combination of desktop-class sculpting tools and the portability of mobile devices, allowing you to be creative whenever, wherever. Artists also like Forger’s non-destructive sculpting layers and advanced stylus support.

Is Forger a good choice if I'm new to 3D modeling?

Yes, Forger is a great choice for beginners. It is easy to learn and use, and there are several features to help you get started with 3D modeling and sculpting.

I am a professional 3D artist. Is Forger a good choice for me?

Absolutely! Forger is a 3D modeling and sculpting tool used by professional 3D artists who want a wide range of powerful features.

What are the sculpting tools like in Forger?

Forger offers a wide variety of sculpting tools, including standard, clay, flatten, move, pull, smooth, pinch, inflate, crease, scrape, polish, planar, layer, stamp, and mask. Each brush has an alternate function that does even more, and you can even use custom stamps.

What is the modeling engine like in Forger?

Forger utilizes Maxon Cinema 4D’s powerful polygonal modeling engine, allowing you to create complex models with precision and control.

What file formats does Forger support?

Forger supports the following file formats:
Import: C4D, OBJ, ABC
Export: C4D, OBJ, STL, USD