Moves by Maxon

With Moves by Maxon for iPhone and iPad Pro you can capture real-world objects as well as facial and full-body movement, and instantly bring them into Cinema 4D. Whether you want to capture an object of your choice, record your facial expressions or use your best dance moves and martial art poses inside of Cinema 4D, Moves by Maxon is the perfect app.

With Face Capture, you can capture facial expressions with your iPad Pro or iPhone. It's as easy as recording a selfie video. Start the camera and off you go. The app uses the capture data to generate a moving 3D model in real time, which you can then transfer to Cinema 4D. Or review your captured Face and Body textures directly in the app before transferring to C4D. The movements of your facial expressions are precisely detected and can be used to create impressive facial animations in Cinema 4D without any previous knowledge. Want to learn how? Check out our tutorials on

Thanks to Apple's ARKit 3, it is now possible to record entire body movements as well. The videos are recorded in the Moves by Maxon app with your iPhone or iPad Pro camera, Apple ARKit 3 analyzes the movements and transfers them to a 3D "skeleton" that is superimposed on the video. So, you can evaluate the recording of your moves.

Once you've imported the capture data into Cinema 4D - a simple and intuitive process - you can adjust the data there and transfer it to a 3D figure that performs your very own moves.

With Object Capture in Moves by Maxon, users can turn a series of pictures taken on an iPhone or iPad into a textured 3D model. The workflow is intuitive and straightforward: simply take pictures of an object from every angle, making sure to get ample coverage with the help of the globe graphic inside of Moves by Maxon App. Moves by Maxon makes it easy to connect the iPhone or iPad to Cinema 4D, transfer the images and create a 3D object from captures. Captured Objects can then be dragged from the Asset browser into the 3D environment and manipulated using Cinema 4D’s placement tools.

Moves by Maxon is available on the iOS App Store for all iPhones and iPads running iOS 15.0 and later.