ZBrush Migration FAQ

During the first week of September 2022, ZBrush accounts will be transferred to MyMaxon. At that time, a MyMaxon account will be created for all ZBrush users. The email address used for your ZBrush account will be your username on MyMaxon. Once the migration has completed, you will receive an email with a password reset link so you can finalize your account and you will be able to browse your order history on the MyMaxon portal.

How will license and subscription management work for ZBrush subscribers moving forward?

If you started a subscription prior to April 20, 2022, it’s currently billed via Pixologic. In September, your subscription will be migrated to Maxon’s systems. Starting in September,

  • Your license(s) and subscription(s) will be hosted through my.maxon.net.

  • Your subscription term will not change although the first renewal might take place a few days later than normal due to the migration.

  • Future subscription renewals will appear on your credit card statement as DRI*Maxon

  • Your subscription will now include applicable taxes, and in many cases will be renewed via your local currency. If we don’t support your local currency, you will be billed in Euros.

  • In most cases, your payment information will be securely transferred to Digital River. If your payment information cannot be transferred, you will be able to update your account on MyMaxon after the rest of your data has been transferred.

  • Once the migration has completed, you will need to install the Maxon App (available from MyMaxon) and use that to install ZBrush. Installers downloaded from the Pixologic My Licenses page will not work with your Maxon subscription. Nor will it work to install just ZBrush, without the Maxon App.

What does this mean for Perpetual License holders?

Perpetual Licenses will never expire and will remain available via the My Licenses page and the ZBrush ID activation system.

I’m running an older version of ZBrush. Can I still get ZBrush 2022?

We encourage all users to install ZBrush 2022 as soon as possible, if you have not already done so.

I already have a MyMaxon account and/or purchased after April 20, 2022. Am I affected?

If you purchased a subscription/a perpetual licensed product on or after April 20, 2022, you already log in and are billed via the MyMaxon system. Nothing changes, and you’ll continue to log in and enjoy your software in the same way.

Will I be able to make modifications to my account once the transfer has occurred?

You will not be able to make modifications to your account until the end of September. You will be notified when you have access to do so.

What does this mean for future upgrades?

Subscriptions receive upgrades automatically. Perpetual license upgrades (when released) will have an associated upgrade cost and will be less frequent than subscription updates. To ensure you always have access to the full creative potential of recent and upcoming ZBrush releases, we encourage you to subscribe to ZBrush or upgrade to the full Maxon One toolset.

What about ZBrushCore and ZBrushCoreMini customers?

Don’t worry. Both ZBrushCore and ZBrushCoreMini users will get a MyMaxon account as well. This will enable those users to easily upgrade when they are ready.

ZBrushCore subscriptions will be handled the same way as ZBrush subscriptions (covered above). ZBrushCore perpetual licenses will continue to be supported through My Licenses and the ZBrush ID system, just like ZBrush perpetual licenses (covered above).

ZBrushCore Mini has no cost, and so it will simply be able to be downloaded from MyMaxon.