Welcome to Cineware for Illustrator!

With Cineware for Illustrator a new world is ready to be explored – the world of 3D! Combine 3D objects with your 2D artwork and experiment how your 2D designs look on 3D object. Please note: To use Cineware for Illustrator you need the latest Adobe Illustrator CC version.  

Opens the file in the current document

Opens the file in a new

2. The interface

Everything you need to manipulate 3D scenes can be accessed using four panels. They can all be accessed through Illustrator’s window menu in Cineware.





In short, the Control Bar (1) contains all the controls for navigating your scene and lets you save images and files. This is equivalent to the control bar in Illustrator.  The Scene Structure Panel (2) contains all the objects and other elements (lights, cameras etc.) in the Cinema 4D scene. The materials panel (3) contains all of the materials in your scene, much like Illustrator’s Swatches panel. The Attributes panel (4) offers a range of settings that can be used to adjust numerous elements in your .c4d file ranging from light intensity to object placement and rotation. Any changes that can be made to Cinema 4D and materials will be displayed here.

To switch to a workspace that contains all these panels you can switch to the 3D workspace installed with the plug-in. To access it go to the workspace drop-down menu at the top-right of the Illustrator interface.