User Interface Enhancements

With Cinema 4D R25, the most intuitive 3D application interface just got even better. An updated scheme and icon set offer a fresh, modern spin on Cinema 4D's classic look that intuitively communicates what's important and puts more focus on your artwork. Dynamic palettes power new layouts that make great use of space and ensure the tools you need are always close at hand. Tabbed documents and layouts make it easy to flow between multiple projects and workflows.

An updated icon set offers a modern spin on Cinema 4D's classic icons, maintaining the overall spirit while reducing color and complexity to avoid distraction and introducing some new icons that offer better clarity and align with modern UI conventions. Other scheme elements have been updated as well - most notably sliders which are now more distinct.

With new Dynamic Palettes, your layouts in Cinema 4D can adapt to the current mode, object or tool. Release 25 uses dynamic palettes in new layouts that optimize screen real-estate while putting more tools in easy reach.

New browser-inspired tabs at the top of the Cinema 4D window make it easy to switch between open documents or key layouts. Layout switching on multi-monitor displays is more reliable, and the width or height of layout elements can be maintained while switching resolution.

Number fields in the Cinema 4D R25 Attribute Manager now work as virtual sliders - simply click and drag over any field to interactively adjust the value. Placing the cursor within the number field makes it possible to use the up and down arrow keys to increment the place value under the cursor - so you can quickly adjust by hundredths or hundreds.

Users with HDR monitors, including the many Mac displays supporting Extended Dynamic Range, now enjoy the option to display ultra-bright pixels in the 3D view.