Quickly and seamlessly integrate 3D elements into real-world footage with the help of Cinema 4D’s Motion Tracker. Add 3D objects to existing environments with Camera Tracking, and create entire 3D environments from footage with the help of Scene Reconstruction. With Object Tracking, it's easy to replace real-world objects with your 3D creations, while the Camera Calibrator helps match the camera angle and perspective of a still image. These powerful tools combine to make it easy to bring elements of the real world into your 3D project.

Welcome to the Real World

Combining virtual 3D elements with live footage is a standard task in 3D production. A critical factor for creating a realistic look is the precise reconstruction of the camera’s movement. Quickly and seamlessly integrate 3D elements into real-world footage with the help of the Motion Tracker. Create a complete 3D reconstruction of the camera move in most footage with a single click. To track more complex footage you can adjust the automatic track, manually create user tracks or mask regions. Once you’ve solved the camera, align track points to your 3D world via position, vector and planar constraints. Motion Tracker does the hard work - all you have to do is add the 3D content.

After tracking the camera position from footage, you can use Scene Reconstruction to automatically create a point cloud or 3D model based on the elements within the footage. Use the reconstruction to easily create more accurate shadows, reflections and dynamic collisions and truly integrate your 3D objects into the shot.

Integrate your Cinema 4D creations into real-world footage with Object Tracking. Reconstruct the motion of the camera and any number of objects to transform a video file into a 3D world. Add 2D User Tracks for key features of the object and assign them to the Object Tracker - then reconstruct the object based on just the tracks or with the help of reference geometry. With Object Tracking, it's easy to augment real-world objects with your own 3D elements.

Match your 3D camera to virtually any image with the Camera Calibrator. Simply draw lines or grids on top of the image, and the vanishing point, focal length and orientation of the camera will be calculated. Add a Pin to solve the camera’s position, and set the scene scale by adding known lengths for any line. Quickly create a background object or generate a camera mapping tag to begin using the image as part of a matte environment.