With the Unified Simulation System you can achieve more realistic-looking simulations that incorporate multiple objects with different simulation characteristics such as Cloth, ropes, rigid bodies, soft bodies, Pyro, and the new Cinema 4D Particles. This system allows simulations to be calculated on either the CPU or GPU and is highly multi-threaded, offering improved performance with complex cloth simulations. Damping behaviors for rigid body, cloth, soft body, balloon and rope tags allow artists to override the global damping settings, offering improved control over simulated objects.

Balloon simulations now support vertex maps, allowing you to create seams and control areas of inflation. Pyro allows artists to emit smoke, fire and explosions from any Cinema 4D object or spline and quickly simulate the effects. Smoke density, fire temperature and more parameters can be controlled to art-direct the simulation. Thanks to Pyro’s seamless integration with Cinema 4D’s Unified Simulation System, Cloth and Soft Bodies can be set ablaze and fan the flames.

Rigid Body simulations feature enhanced collision detection and offer numerous settings and now enable artists to automatically connect multiple objects together. Thanks to the deactivation option, artists can define how an object should rest when nothing is interrupting or colliding with it.