Asset Browser Update: December Greebles Edition image

Asset Browser Update: December Greebles Edition This month’s assets will help you create futuristic tech and hard surface models.

We're closing out the year with 59 new Kitbash models useful for Sci Fi and hard-surface modeling. In addition to individual elements, we've also included a palette of these objects so you can quickly find what you want without leaving your scene file. If you are looking for pipes, connectors, joints or other sorts of Greebles and Nurnies to add detail to your spaceships and other mechanical elements, this month’s Asset Browser update has got you covered.

Connectors (6 variations)
Joints (6 variations)
Pipes (5 variations)
Pipe Corners (8 variations)
Details / Patterns (4 variations)
Details / Circles (6 variations)
Details / Geometric (6 variations)
Details / Rectangles (12 variations)