August Cinema 4D Asset Browser Update image

August Cinema 4D Asset Browser Update New Motion Capture Moves expand your possibilities in character animation.

This month's Asset Browser update offers are a variety of new motion capture moves. If you're looking to animate large crowds, this update is sure to help: With several variations for clapping and cheering characters, the new content is ideal for animating the crowd at a stadium or other event.

Thanks to the new motion clips with people climbing stairs, you can also populate other parts of your scenes realistically.

All moves were recorded in a professional motion capturing studio and are available in 60 frames per second, giving you a lot of detail to work with.

Thanks to the re-organized motion capture folder it’s now much easier to find the move you need. Additionally, existing content has been revised to ensure optimal usability in your scene.

 • Stretching Arms

 • Clapping - Sitting D - Start
 • Clapping - Sitting E - Loop
 • Clapping - Sitting F - End
 • Clapping - Sitting - Insert A
 • Clapping - Sitting - Insert B
 • Clapping - Sitting - Insert C - Loop
 • Clapping - Sitting - Insert D - Loop
 • Clapping - Sitting - Insert E

 • Climbing Stairs B - End
 • Climbing Stairs B - Middle - Loop
 • Climbing Stairs B - Start
 • Climbing Stairs Up B - End
 • Climbing Stairs Up - Middle - Loop
 • Climbing Stairs Up B - Start