X-Particles 4 Available Immediately

This new release opens impressive possibilities for VFX and motion graphics artists

The British simulation specialists have raised the bar once again with the newest version of their particle generator, which is available only for Cinema 4D and includes a wide range of impressive new features. Existing features were also reworked extensively. Version 4 offers improved tools for smoke, fluids and cloth simulations. Of course the new features are also compatible with existing particle modifiers, object deformers, MoGraph effectors as well as Hair and Thinking Particles.

With the new xpEplosiaFX, realistic smoke and fire effects can be created that can also be affected by X-Particles modifiers and generators. Parametric and polygonal objects in the scene can also be used to affect simulations, which makes it possible for users to precisely control their simulations.

With xpSplineFlow, an organic movement can be made to flow along a spline. This feature is perfect for creating realistic-looking fluids simulations.

xpClothFX is a dynamics system specially designed for cloth. Users can simulate the behavior of cloth to let it tear, ripple and much more. The new X-Particles offers Cinema 4D users completely new possibilities for motion design and VFX shots.

A complete overview of all new features and numerous additional videos are available at INSYDIUM’s Website.

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