The Real Truth About Raising and Caring For Trucks

Animation artist Neil Stubbings illustrated the production process behind FREITAG bags in a fantastic short film.

The Swiss bag maker FREITAG is known for its messenger bags made of used truck tarps. The short film they asked Neil Stubbings to create had to be just as unique as the bags it was about: Neil was given absolute creative freedom for telling the story of FREITAG in a tongue-in-cheek style. Neil used Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects to create this quite charming project.

The film was created in the classic Looney Tunes style and tells the story of two brothers who used to be truckers and decided fulfill their dream of owning their own ranch. But full-blooded truckers don’t raise pigs or cattle. Real truckers raise little trucks so they can some proudly roll down any highway. After a long and fulfilling life on the road, the brothers welcome their trucks back to the ranch where their tarps can enjoy a fashionable retirement.

More information about the creation of this witty film as well as an artist portrait of Neil Stubbings can be found at the FREITAG website.

Neil Stubbings Website: