Sell 3D Assets in the new Sketchfab Store

Sketchfab expands its palette with a much wanted feature: 3D assets from more than 170 artists are available in the new Sketchfab store.

With the rise in popularity of VR and AR applications, the demand for high-quality 3D assets is increasing rapidly. Sketchfab users can now help meet this demand by opting to sell their own 3D assets online in the new Sketchfab store – at a price they determine themselves. Sketchfab will automatically generate important asset information such as polygon count and the number of textures used, which makes it even easier for artists to sell their stuff.

Of course customers will have the chance to inspect the model they want very closely before they buy. The Sketchfab viewer can be used to show a model’s topology and UV maps.

The Sketchfab store is still in the beta phase. Artists who want to include their assets in the store have to have a Sketchfab account and at least 10 models – and will have to apply for a seller account.

In the future, additional Sketchfab users will be added as sellers once their assets have been approved. The shop’s features will also be expanded on a regular basis!

Read more about it on the Sketchfab blog.

Blog Header Image: “Tupuxuara Leonardii Flight Cycle” by Kyan0s