These illustrators will show you how introducing ZBrush to your creative workflow can help you realize works that are true to concept.

“ZBrush is one of my core 'go to' apps that allows me to go from 2D to 3D and back again, creatively flexible to a wide range of results and problem solving!”
– Tony Leonard

Illustrators and artists who are new to 3D love ZBrush because - unlike traditional modeling - digital sculpting is intuitive. You can use brushes and techniques that come naturally.

“ZBrush allows me to sculpt and light the exact reference I need to bring my illustrations to life.”
– Mike Thompson

Just like sketching on a tablet, ZBrush’s digital clay responds to your strokes in real time. No wireframes. No lengthy renders. Nothing to interrupt your creativity. Just choose a shape, apply a material, and start sculpting.

“ZBrush is the best way to get what is inside my head onto the screen.”
– Steve James

Digital sculpting with ZBrush blends the best features of 2D illustration software with a 3D modeling and rendering engine. Whatever your style - from photo-realistic to cartoons - working with 3D lighting, volumes and materials will encourage your artistic growth.

“ZBrush has been the most ground breaking thing to add to my artistic growth since first picking up a pencil.”
– John Mahoney

Digital sculpting with realistic materials and lighting can take your art to new heights. Download a free 14-day trial of Maxon One and see for yourself why illustrators love ZBrush.