ZBrush Acquisition FAQ

What happened?

ZBrush and the team behind it have joined Maxon!

Business Details: Maxon acquired the assets of Pixologic, including all brands and software source code.

What is ZBrush?

ZBrush is an art tool created by artists, for artists. ZBrush set the industry standard for 3D digital sculpting and painting since its debut at SIGGRAPH in 1999. Its features enable artists to create 3D models using customizable brushes to shape, texture and paint virtual clay in a real-time environment with instant feedback. ZBrush has transformed countless careers and the industry itself. When professional 3D artists need to do heavy sculpting, ZBrush is the tool of choice. The most mind-blowing, photorealistic creatures, environments and props in film and games are typically modeled in ZBrush. The ZBrush software is used by film studios, game developers, toy/collectible makers, jewelry designers, automotive/aviation designers, illustrators, advertisers, scientists, creators of the metaverse and other artists the world over. ZBrush received a Scientific and Engineering Academy Award.

Never opened ZBrush? Check out the ZClassroom, with over 300 free video tutorials, organized into courses including the one for Getting Started.

Why did Maxon and the ZBrush team decide to join forces?

It’s the perfect strategic addition. Both companies share a great tradition of outstanding products, innovation and a passion to serve the creative community. Both teams strive to develop tools that inspire designers to be creative. Although 3D can be a complex design medium, ZBrush and Cinema 4D have both been hailed for their "creative playground" feel that gives artists the ability to explore and focus on their creativity rather than the tools.

Will Pixologic employees be joining Maxon?

As of December 29, 2021, the entire ZBrush team has joined the Maxon team. This includes not just the development team (which remains under the leadership of Ofer Alon) but also the support, sales, marketing and management teams.

Will Pixologic's offices continue to operate as usual?

Yes, Pixologic's offices will continue to operate as usual. Maxon will be assuming the lease to Pixologic's Hollywood office and is thrilled to establish a presence in the heart of Hollywood.

Will Maxon maintain its other offices?

Yes! Maxon just moved into new offices in Ventura County, north of Los Angeles, and will continue to maintain an office in Orange County. Maxon believes in-person collaboration with coworkers and customers is crucial to success and looks forward to resuming and growing that collaboration with three offices in Southern California, newly renovated offices in Portland, Montreal Canada, Japan and a new headquarters opening in 2022 in Bad Homburg near Frankfurt, Germany.

How does this benefit ZBrush users?

This new alliance will bring the best of both worlds together, with complete respect for everything that the ZBrush artistic community already loves about the application. Maxon's greater development, marketing and support resources will benefit ZBrush artists across the board. Access to Maxon’s programming expertise, other technologies and potential integrations will also bring innovation and expanded capabilities to ZBrush. No interruptions are expected for the ongoing development of your favorite 3D sculpting software.

Immediate Effect?

ZBrush pricing remains unchanged. Customers can continue to purchase ZBrush through their usual sales channels, including the ZBrush online store.

Will ZBrush continue to be sold as a standalone product?

Yes, ZBrush will continue to be sold as a standalone product.

Will I be able to continue using my ZBrush perpetual license?

Absolutely! ZBrush perpetual licenses never expire and ZBrush perpetual customers who purchased between December 30, 2020 and December 29, 2021 are entitled to free updates for one year from their purchase date.

Can I still buy a perpetual license for ZBrush?

ZBrush perpetual licenses will continue to be available via the Pixologic site, but no free upgrades will be included for customers who purchase after December 29, 2021.

Will there still be free upgrades for ZBrush perpetual license holders?

Moving forward, perpetual licenses will only receive bug fixes, but not additional features or functionality for free. Subscribers will receive all feature updates and other fixes as long as their subscription is active.

To provide the best customer experience and performance, we truly believe all customers should be running the latest version. Cutting-edge technology and performance require agile development and delivery. All Maxon products, including ZBrush are fully dependent upon third-party hardware, operating systems and software solutions. In order to maintain compatibility with the latest hardware, drivers and host application updates, our development teams are constantly updating, optimizing and ensuring stability.

How much will perpetual upgrades cost? Will it be possible to convert from a perpetual license to a subscription?

More details will come at a later date. However, providing value is and has been a primary philosophy of both Maxon and ZBrush that will continue as we move into the future.

How does ZBrush fit into the Maxon workflow?

ZBrush and Forger offer the ultimate solution to develop concepts for creatures, products, environments and more wherever artists feel most creative - whether at the desktop PC or using an iPad on the go. Cinema 4D brings life to those concepts, with powerful procedural animation tools, and Redshift translates those 3D creations from polygons into pixels. Finally, the Red Giant toolset makes it possible to color and composite those renders.

What will a ZBrush subscription cost?

Until further notice, ZBrush subscriptions will continue to be offered for $479.40 per year ($39.95/month). (or similar price in local currency)

I have ZBrush and other Maxon Products. Do I need to maintain a subscription to both?

Yes. It is necessary to maintain both subscriptions.

What if I need to buy ZBrush in the next few months?

ZBrush sales will continue from the ZBrush website (http://www.zbrush.com) and other sales channels.

What will happen with ZBrushCore and ZBrushCoreMini?

Both products are still available.

Did ZBrushCore and ZBrushCoreMini join Maxon as well?


What should I do if I need volume licensing?

ZBrush volume licensing will continue to be offered as-is until further notice.

We will be working in early 2022 to begin offering ZBrush sales as part of our Teams licensing program. Teams licensing includes priority support, training, the option to allocate licenses via the MyMaxon Teams dashboard and for larger accounts, a dedicated sales team. Floating licenses and RLM licensing are available at an additional cost.

What about educational pricing?

ZBrush educational licensing will continue to be offered as-is until further notice.

How does ZBrush contribute to Maxon's mission to make superior creative tools for artists?

ZBrush is already a superior creative tool - used to develop concepts, creatures and more in film, games and design. Maxon will continue developing ZBrush to fill these needs, while building enhanced integrations with Cinema 4D and Redshift to create outstanding workflows for VFX, Motion Graphics, Product Design, Games and more.

Will ZBrush development continue uninterrupted?

Absolutely. Maxon is fully committed to continuing development on ZBrush under the continuing leadership of Ofer Alon, with the goal of making the best sculpting tool even better.

Will ZBrush be integrated into Cinema 4D?

ZBrush will absolutely remain a separate product. With that in mind, this alliance will inspire technological exchanges to benefit all Maxon products, as well as the innovation of new products and workflows to benefit the artistic community.

What will happen to ZBrush support for other industry applications?

Maxon and the ZBrush team are committed to continuing active development and support for integrations with all industry-leading applications (as has been the case with Redshift for other hosts). Welcome to the Maxon community!

How will this affect or change GoZ Bridge development plans?

ZBrush integration for all industry-leading applications and the GoZ bridge will remain intact and will be actively updated.

What is the future of ZBrush integration with KeyShot?

KeyShot is a valued ZBrush partner, and the current integration will continue for the immediate future.

What is the future of ZBrush AnatomyTools bundles?

For the short term, figures from AnatomyTools will still be available from ZBrush.com.

How will this affect Forger development plans?

There is a growing interest in mobile-based creative workflows. We expect great things from the collaboration between the incredibly talented teams at Maxon and ZBrush. We look forward to revealing more plans in the future

How will this affect Cinema 4D development?

Cinema 4D already offers great integration with ZBrush via GoZ.

How will this affect Redshift development?

We don't expect any changes to the short-term Redshift roadmap.

How will this affect Red Giant development?

We don't expect any changes to the Red Giant roadmap.

What is the future of ZClassroom?

ZClassroom training will continue for the immediate future.

What is going to happen with ZBrushLive?

ZBrushLive is awesome! All Maxon’s tools, including ZBrush, are great for quick creativity like you see on ZBrushLive.

What will happen to the ZBrushcentral Forums?

The team that created, moderates and participates in ZBrushCentral will continue to do so. In the future, it may be migrated to a new forum platform, but the goal will be to make this transition as seamless as possible. We absolutely wish to maintain the spirit of ZBC – it will continue to be a home for artists to share their amazing creations and collaborate on techniques.

We were able to migrate all the existing posts and user connections for the Redshift forums without losing its essence and functionality.

What is the future of the ZBrush Summit?

The ZBrush Summit will be an important part of Maxon's virtual and live events.

Will Maxon support ZBrush customers going forward?

Yes. Maxon will provide technical support and customer service to all ZBrush customers. Perpetual customers who purchased prior to ZBrush becoming part of Maxon on December 29, 2021 were guaranteed free updates for one year from their purchase date, including feature updates, patches and bug fixes. This will be honored. Customers who purchased farther back but never upgraded to ZBrush 2022 will still be able to do so, ensuring a consistent baseline for support. Those users will not receive free upgrades to newer versions. Customers who purchased a perpetual ZBrush license after December 29, 2021, will not be eligible for free upgrades.

How will ZBrush support be offered?

The ZBrush support team remains intact and is passionate about continuing their efforts to provide industry-leading help for users. ZBrush support will remain on the existing Kayako platform, support.pixologic.com for the beginning of 2022.