Welcome to Maxon

We’re glad you decided to register your version of Cinema 4D Lite. Together with Adobe After Effects CC, Cinema 4D Lite and CINEWARE you have a toolset at your disposal that lets you quickly and easily add 3D elements to your compositions. Cinema 4D and After Effects offer the most powerful 3D software-and-compositing-suite interconnectivity on the 3D market today. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to add impressive 3D elements to your compositions.

By registering your Cinema 4D Lite version you can expand your workflow with three free MoGraph Effectors, which are otherwise only available in Cinema 4D Broadcast or Studio! With the Plain Effector, Random Effector and Fracture object you can create 3D procedural simulations with very little effort. We’ve created as series of short, simplified movies to give you an impression of what these Effectors can do.


Plain Effector

Use this Effector to easily modify the arrangement and position of cloned objects in Cinema 4D. Its comprehensive settings in combination with other Effectors make it possible to create and animate endless types of object arrangements. Of the wind turbines in the example provided, only the one in the middle really exists – the rest were arranged on a grid, given a new color and animated with a few clicks of the mouse using a Plain Effector.

Random Effector

It can be difficult to achieve a convincing random look for virtual objects. The Random Effector eliminates the “artificial look” that can easily result when animated objects are duplicated. The Random Effector uses an algorithm to modify the shape, rotation, position and color of clones. The Weight and Offset settings offer additional options for affecting this randomness. The meteors in the example provided are all based on the same original object and the Random Effector was used to affect their individual shapes and sizes.

Fracture object

The Fracture object is often used when animating typefaces. All sub-ordinate objects are treated like normal objects and can be manipulated parametrically using Effectors. This tool bears the advantage that text remains editable and can be modified at any time. The typeface animation in the example provided shows which effects can be created with very little effort using the Fracture object.

Of course these Effectors are only a small taste of what MoGraph has to offer. Cinema 4D Broadcast and Studio offer not only the complete MoGraph toolset but also include a wide range of features and functions that make Cinema 4D the application of choice for leading motion designers worldwide.