Maxon lets you transfer the license of your legally owned software to another person or entity.

For this purpose, Maxon has made this form available to you to get the transfer process started and to protect the interests of the current and future license owner during the transfer by Maxon.

Note: License transfers are only possible for perpetual licenses. Licenses for version R20 and before, subscription licenses, licenses that have already been updated or transferred, student, training and classroom licenses, NFR (Not For Resale) licenses and beta licenses cannot be transferred. The transfer is complete and effective only if the following process has been completed and Maxon has approved the transfer.

Transfer process:

  • The current license owner is obligated to fill out this form, to cease using the software and to delete the transferred software from all of their devices.
  • A Maxon employee will confirm the license and the ownership status.
  • Both the current and the new license owner will be contacted in order to confirm the transaction.
  • Maxon charges a processing fee of EUR 175/GBP 175/USD 200, respecively, for the execution of the transfer and registration of the new license owner.