Placement Tools

Cinema 4D’s placement tools set the stage for creativity with intuitive and powerful tools for placing objects within a scene. Creating an environment, adding props and kitbashing is as simple as dragging-and-dropping objects onto one another, painting them onto a surface, or allowing them to fall into place with the help of dynamics.

The Place Tool allows efficient and intuitive placement of an object on the surface of existing scene elements, with handles to easily scale and rotate the elements. You can even place objects directly from the Asset Browser and interactively copy then place objects in your scene. Objects are automatically placed according to their bounding box or defined axis, with an optional offset.

The Scatter Pen makes it easy to scatter a single object or a selection of objects onto any surface by simply dragging within the view. You can control the spacing and alignment, the frequency of each object, and vary the position, rotation and scale of the placed objects. Paint random distributions or in clearly defined strokes. Painted too many or in the wrong location? No problem, just use the remove tools to clean up your scene or move objects individually with the Place Tool.

Dynamic Placement offers the ultimate option for intuitively placing objects into a scene, with a high-performance dynamics providing actual collisions between objects. With the Dynamic Placement tool, objects can be clumped together or naturally dropped onto a surface of objects with the power of Cinema 4D’s physics simulation. Simplified proxy geometry is automatically generated for fast and accurate dynamics.