Maxon Turnkey Assets for Cinema 4D – June Edition image

Maxon Turnkey Assets for Cinema 4D – June Edition This month’s additions will give you more greebles, materials and much more.

The powerful Asset Browser introduced with Cinema 4D S24, included a valuable collection of 3D objects, materials and node capsules that are easily browsed, searched, and immediately available for use in production pipelines.

This update continues along the theme of last month’s additions with even more kitbash goodies, greeble textures and additional materials. It’s worth noting that aside from the clean meshes the kitbash elements have nicely laid out UVs ready to give your models some detailed eye candy. The greeble textures with its 4K resolution and normal maps (along with the height maps) can produce some crisp details anywhere you use them. Either as details to surfaces of your models or as background elements for your next motion graphics masterpiece!

As with all items in the Asset Browser, these new elements are downloaded on-demand, so there's no need to pre-download huge libraries of assets.

- Kitbash/Details/Arrows
- Kitbash/Details/Hexagons
- Kitbash/Details/Triangles
- Kitbash/Pipes
- Kitbash/Tubes

- Flannel and Plaid Fabrics

- Greeble/Height Maps
- Greeble/Normal Maps