Maxon Augments Turnkey Assets for Cinema 4D image

Maxon Augments Turnkey Assets for Cinema 4D Regular additions to the Asset Browser are aimed at making our users' daily work easier

The powerful Asset Browser introduced with Cinema 4D S24, included a valuable collection of 3D objects, materials and node capsules that are easily browsed, searched, and immediately available for use in production pipelines. As promised, only a month later, Maxon has released additional assets to enhance the collection. Along with greeble textures that include height and normal maps, this update includes some great textures for leather surfaces. Additionally, a number of geometry kit bash details like tubes, pipes and more have been added to add greeble detail to your models. As with all items in the Asset Browser, these new elements are downloaded on-demand, so there's no need to pre-download huge libraries of assets.

- Kitbash/Details/Crosses
- Kitbash/Details/Triangles
- Kitbash/Pipes
- Kitbash/Tubes

- Leather

- Greeble/Height Maps
- Greeble/Normal Maps