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Kaspersky Lab Advertising Images Kaspersky Labs hired visual effects studio Resight to create illustrations for its IT security products and Cinema 4D was the perfect tool for the job!

Security in and of itself is an abstract concept and IT security even more. Not many people can actually picture what IT security is, which is why Andrey Voytisin saw himself confronted with a unique challenge: visualizing the concept of IT security. Kaspersky Lab’s basic idea consisted of using images to symbolize the environment of modern communication, production technology, Cloud and data exchange. As different as these topics may sound, they each represent different aspects of modern technology and also illustrate that everything really is ‘connected with everything else’. The goal of the illustrations was to show customers how these connected situations require comprehensive security measures to protect them.

Stylistically, the illustrations had to resemble science fiction or cyberpunk and be reminiscent of films such as ‘Matrix’ and the color palette had to give a clear impression of computer graphics. Resight worked closely with the client to refine the look of the images. Resight had sent Kaspersky Labs concept illustrations from very early on in the project. As soon as the arrangement in the images was defined, Resight started with modeling and texturing. “We modeled everything in Cinema 4D because we had all the tools we needed in a single application,” explains Andrey and adds, “The only feature we didn’t need for these models was the Sculpt feature!”

Each illustration took about two weeks to complete, which not only included modeling, texturing and rendering but also fine-tuning all details together with the client. “The work on the images often started with pencil sketches on paper, which gave substance to the respective idea. The 3D elements were then created based on this illustration,” continues Andrey.

“Many customers clamor to a particular concept, which for them becomes written in stone. Very often, however, new ideas crystalize during the completion process. Fortunately, Kaspersky Labs understands this process and was willing to accept new ideas if they like them. It was a pleasure working with Kaspersky Labs,” says Andrey laughing.

The final step in the 3D production process was the rendering, which was done using Otoy’s Octane Renderer. The images were rendered in several passes, which were then each loaded into Photoshop and combined. This made it possible to fine-tune details or to adjust or change colors where necessary.

The illustrations that Resight created for Kaspersky Labs show that Cinema 4D is an excellent tool for creating a wide range of illustration styles. Artists with Cinema 4D in their toolset are definitely well-equipped to meet any creative challenge they encounter!

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