for Illustrator


Add a new dimension to your design
with Cineware for Illustrator


Add new dimension to your design

With Cineware for Illustrator, you can refine and present product visualizations like never before, use 3D objects as reference for vector drawings, or mix 2D and 3D artwork to create innovative designs.

Give your design some context. Drag your Illustrator artwork directly onto a 3D object to see how labels and packaging will look when printed. Keep changing things on the fly until you’re satisfied, and seamlessly go from design to visualization.

Just use Illustrator’s File > Place command to add a .c4d file to your .ai document, or use the File > Open command to place your 3D artwork in a new Illustrator document.

Place Illustrator artwork on a 3D object with a simple drag-and-drop. Adjust the artwork, camera view, materials and objects to your heart’s content.

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Load a 3D object or scene and use it as reference for Illustrator artwork. It’s easy to view the object from any angle, and with any focal length. Drawing with perspective has never been so easy!


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Mix vectors and 3D elements to create artwork in a way you never could before. Mask objects to weave your vector artwork behind, between and around 3D elements. For more flexible design.

Easily mask out the background by choosing the automatically created alpha so 3D elements can be placed on existing vector artwork

Use object masks to separate 3D objects
and fit vector elements in-between.

Cut through 3D layers with transparency masks and blend artwork with elements underneath.

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