No Time to Wait

If you’re developing assets for augmented reality or simply facing the reality of looming deadlines, you’ll appreciate Cinema 4D’s technology for optimizing and previewing 3D scenes. You can easily simplify projects and prepare assets for export to game engines, and directly output high-quality renders using OpenGL.


Gorgeous Graphics Without the Wait

Preview reflections, shadows, ambient occlusion, displacement and depth-of-field directly within Cinema 4D’s OpenGL viewport. You’ll get a great idea of the final look without waiting for lengthy renders and you can quickly output high-quality previews for client review.

Polygon Reduction

Cinema 4D’s Polygon Reduction tool works procedurally, so it’s easy to reduce entire hierarchies and quickly dial in the desired reduction strength or point count. And best of all, the Polygon Reduction preserves Vertex Maps, Selection tags and UV coordinates, ensuring textures and point-level data continue to map properly.

Level of Detail

Maximize viewport or render speed, create new types of animations or prepare optimized game assets with Cinema 4D’s LOD object. You can simplify objects and hierarchies automatically based on screen size, camera distance and other factors. An intuitive new interface element makes it easy to define and manage LOD settings, and your detail levels export via FBX for use in popular game engines.