Cineware for After Effects

Since 2013, Cineware has provided seamless integration of Cinema 4D assets into After Effects. Cineware not only lets you drag and drop native Cinema 4D files into After Effects but also gives you the ability to manipulate those 3D elements and render directly from within After Effects.

Adobe After Effects includes a free installation of Cinema 4D Lite – a limited but feature rich version of Maxon’s award-winning 3D software package. Cinema 4D Lite can be accessed directly from within After Effects in the File ⇒ New menu, or by clicking Edit Footage on a Cinema 4D layer in your composition. If you already have a commercial version of Cinema 4D installed, it will open that instead. If you later wish to upgrade from Cinema 4D Lite to the commercial version of C4D, special discounts are available for After Effects users.

Cineware Overview
Live Link and Timeline markers
Takes & Open GL Rendering

Your workflow now flows even better. With Cineware, Cinema 4D files can be opened natively in Adobe After Effects CC. Add 3D content as layers to your composites and work with individual Cinema 4D elements such as cameras, layers, Null objects and light directly in After Effects CC.

Easily Transfer C4D Elements into After Effects

Use Cineware to create new Cinema 4D scenes within After Effects CC and create all the 3D elements you need for your scene yourself. A unique advantage: If you don’t own a Cinema 4D license, you automatically have access to Cinema 4D Lite, which is included with After Effects CC and contains important basic features that let you create your own 3D objects and scenes!

Simultaneous. Immediate
Whether changing colors or textures, moving objects, modifying animations or adding light and Null objects: modifications made in a Cinema 4D scene will be updated automatically and in real-time in After Effects CC. The integration of Cinema 4D’s Take System gives you full access to Cinema 4D’s very powerful version and take management – without leaving After Effects CC!

Cineware’s Live 3D workflow makes working even easier and saves time – time you can dedicate to creative aspects of your projects!

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Really real: reflections, refractions, global illumination
Cinema 4D’s default renderer Cinerender is fully integrated in After Effects CC. This gives you a realistic, OpenGL-accelerated 3D representation in the After Effects CC viewport! Scenes with real reflections, ambient occlusion and global illumination can be rendered in After Effects CC – the render settings are automatically carried over from Cinema 4D. You can define the render quality and you always have complete control over the balance between image quality and performance.

You define what’s rendered and when
In Cineware you can freely select which layers and passes should be used for compositing in After Effects CC. Use 3D content multiple times in a single composition and use the layers to define various setups. In After Effects CC you can define if passes should be used, and which ones. Define the transfer mode for each pass individually – exactly how it’s done with Adobe products – and take full control of you render results. If you’re working in a team and happen to forget a pass during setup, the compositing artist can correct this with the click of a mouse – without leaving After Effects CC.

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Your AE camera can do so much more with Cineware
You can import all cameras into After Effects CC along with your Cinema 4D scene. Use each viewport camera in your compositing. Use the Cinema 4D cameras’ settings, adapt them to the After Effects CC coordinate system and continue to edit them from there – just as if they had been created in After Effects CC. Cinema 4D light sources can also be converted to native light sources in After Effects CC and modified freely. You can change or animate parameters such as light intensity, color, falloff, radius, shadows and more using settings that you’re already familiar with in After Effects CC.

You grow with each challenge you meet. Cinema 4D will grow with you.
In addition to Cineware, After Effects CC also includes Cinema 4D Lite. The Lite version offers basic Cinema 4D functionality to give you a taste of 3D creation. Upgrading to the professional version of Cinema 4D opens a whole new world of 3D design possibilities.

Want to get a taste of Cinema 4D’s complete range of features? Download a Free Trial today!