Character Object

The Character Object in Cinema 4D has been built by Disney Animation Studios Character TD Bret Bays to significantly accelerate the creation and rigging of characters. Easily create biped, quadruped and even fish or bird rigs with ease and have full control over their movement. Once you have set up the rig, sophisticated control options allow you to animate your characters like a pro.

Add rig components and their controllers with just a few clicks, mirroring options and helpful shortcuts speed up the rigging workflow immensely. Adjust the joints to the right position and connect them with your characters to be able to control the movement, with dozens of controllers for every part of the rig. You even can create a HUD to make it easier for animators to find the right control in a more visual way.

When you’re satisfied with the placement, bind the rig to your character and start animating. Weighting will be applied automatically and is very accurate. However, you can always go back and correct the weighting manually if you’re not satisfied with the values Cinema 4D has applied.