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UI/UX Experts Headline August 3D & Motion Design Show Virtual Event Highlights User Interfaces and User Experiences

The next edition of the 3D & Motion Design Show on August 18th is all about UI/UX for both real and fantasy applications. From creating Fantasy/Future User Interfaces featured in films, TV, and video games to reimagining how consumers interact with technology in their devices, cars, and homes, these creatives are reshaping our world and bringing futuristic realism to the media we consume. Learn how Maxon tools shape the artists’ creative process as well as the tips and tricks needed to bring your creative visions to life.

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  • Angie Feret is a Motion Graphic Designer currently working as an FUI (Future/Fantasy User Interface) Designer at Scarab Digital in Vancouver B.C. She also instructs the 3D fundamentals course at Vancouver Film School. Feret loves mentoring others and helping people problem solve.

  • John LePore is chief creative director at Perception, an award-winning creative consultancy based in New York City. LePore’s career is focused on a realm that ranges from Superheroes to Hypercars to future-tech. With years of experience in motion design, advertising, and user experience, his workday now consists of contributing imaginative concepts to blockbuster films and solving problems for some of the most exciting products in technology.

  • Michael Rosen runs Samplistic Media, a creative motion design and post-production company in the beautiful Sonoma County hills just north of San Francisco. Fortunate to have worked on a plethora of large brands such as Samsung, Microsoft, Salesforce, Subway, NBC, FedEx, MTV, Honda etc., as well as indie projects with heart, he loves what he does.

  • Pedro Ramos works as a Motion Designer at Territory Studio in London. He creates futuristic graphics for films, TV, video games, and brands, imagining how future technologies work and connecting them to a story.

Presentations for all 3D & Motion Design Shows are streamed live and available on-demand shortly after on 3DMotionShow.com, as well as our YouTube channel. Viewers will be able to interact and send in questions via chat for the live Q&A sessions with artists.