3D Normalization in After Effects

New Short Tutorial – and a New Free 3D Tool! Normalize Track – a New Free Tool for Fast Simple 3D Normalization

Red Giant is located in Portland, Oregon, and if you know anything about Portland, it’s that we try to keep things weird. But every once in a while, you’ve just got to be normal – especially when it comes to working with camera tracking and 3D. If you’ve watched any of Hashi’s Cheap Tricks tutorials for Red Giant, you’ve probably seen him “normalize” a 3D composition, right after camera tracking. It’s a necessary multi-step process for taking the random 3D coordinate results generated by the After Effects camera tracker and turning them into something useful for adding motion graphics or VFX to your footage. Since it’s so essential and is often missed, Hashi has put it all together in this short tutorial:

In this video, Hashi walks you through his 3D normalization process – and then he introduces you to…

Normalize Track – a New Free Tool for Fast Simple 3D Normalization

Yup, you read that right. FREE.

We asked our friend Joe from workbench.tv if there was a way to bottle up Hashi’s process and make it automated. And while there’s no actual bottle, he did create a script that gives you a dockable After Effects panel with just a few buttons to make the 3D normalization process simple and easy. Plus it has a few extra tricks that we know you will love.

Grab the tool RIGHT HERE. And make sure to send him some love on twitter at @workbench_tv.