Maxon One October Release Delivers Substantial Performance Enhancements image

Maxon One October Release Delivers Substantial Performance Enhancements Performance boost for Cinema 4D’s MoGraph toolset and Redshift.

Bad Homburg, Germany – 18. October 2023 – Maxon, developers of professional software solutions for editors, filmmakers, motion designers, visual effects artists and creators of all types, is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated October release with improvements for many Maxon One products. New Cinema 4D users may now use render-ready starter scenes to kickstart their journey into the software, while all users of the award-winning MoGraph toolset benefit from speed gains around Effectors and Multi-instance Cloners. Redshift shines with the new Undersampling for RT feature, that enhances performance when moving the camera through a scene. And numerous new Capsules offer artists more and more possibilities to use expertly crafted materials for their scenes.

Cinema 4D 2024.1 continues to build upon the remarkable performance improvements introduced in September. This latest update brings substantial speed enhancements to MoGraph tools, particularly focusing on Effectors and Multi-instance Cloners. Additionally, we're introducing a collection of fully stylized and render-ready scenes designed to serve as a starting point for newcomers to Cinema 4D, providing them with a strong foundation for embarking on their creative endeavors.

  • New Cinema 4D users are now being welcomed by a preconfigured, render-ready starter scene.

  • Motion graphics artists benefit from speed enhancements to MoGraph tools, especially on Effectors and Multi-instance Cloners.

  • High priority bug fixes in all parts of Cinema 4D.

The latest update for Redshift brings bug fixes for all DCCs, enhances the quality and camera navigation speed when navigating a scene in Redshift RT and improves pixel-based displacement mapping performance and quality.

  • Moving your camera through a scene no longer reduces your render preview to a low-res, noisy scramble. With the new undersampling technique for RT, the camera navigation speed is boosted and maintains a specified level of quality.

  • When working with high-density meshes and doing close-up renders, per-pixel displacement in RT exhibits improved performance when compared to earlier versions of Redshift.

  • RT also now supports texture compression, which reduces the amount of VRAM that is being used by textures.

  • The Distorter shader in Redshift now supports 3D distortions and the MatCap shader shines with new parameters.

This update to Magic Bullet includes important hotfixes, meticulously addressing multiple bugs for a smoother and more reliable experience.

  • Rectified an issue with the Red Giant analytics library, which was inaccurately logging session data.

  • Fixed a bug where tool strength would reset when moving tools within the Toolchain.

  • Bug fixes for localization including fixes for saving presets in the Colorista workflow.

The updated Cineware for Adobe Illustrator plugin establishes compatibility between the latest releases of Adobe Illustrator 2023 and Cinema 4D 2024.1, allowing users to add and edit 3D objects directly within Adobe Illustrator.

The new capsules drop includes 54 new plants from Laubwerk, 26 Redshift stone wall materials by Fuchs & Vogel, over 30 example projects, and the fantastic Pulse Spline Modifier by Rocket Lasso.

  • The newly introduced Pulse Spline Modifier from Rocket Lasso simplifies the animation of spline growth and unveiling. It can be seamlessly integrated with the Electric Spline Modifier to generate dynamic surges of energy. When applied to a Text Spline, it effortlessly produces text write-on effects. Additionally, it offers support for splines with field-driven weight maps, enabling the erasure and unveiling of sections within intricate splines, ideal for creating motion graphics effects.

  • Elevate your digital landscapes to new heights with a diverse collection of meticulously crafted, hyper-realistic plants from Laubwerk. Whether you're designing architectural visualizations, gaming environments, or cinematic scenes, these capsules are your key to adding stunning natural beauty to your creations.

  • Transform your 3D world with the elegance of 26 exquisite Redshift Stone Wall Materials, expertly crafted by Fuchs & Vogel. These meticulously crafted textures will breathe life into your architectural renders, gaming environments, and visualizations.