AEAF 2019 - Gold Award for Creative Studio BEMO image

AEAF 2019 - Gold Award for Creative Studio BEMO Cinema 4D Projection Mapping on the Sydney Opera House Receives Award.

According to the organizers, more projects than ever before were submitted to this year's AEAF. And the impressive quality and artistic expectations which have always been part of the AEAF has also reached new heights. Especially the fields of VR and AR have made astounding advances compared to last year.

This year's jury awarded Los Angeles-based BEMO the Gold Award in the category Live Installations & Projections for their projection "Austral Floral Ballet" on the Sydney Opera House. BEMO produced the piece as part of the Vivid Festival 2019 in Sydney.

In our user story you will find out much more about how the fascinating character animations were created in Cinema 4D.

We congratulate BEMO and all other prize winners and AEAF finalists and are proud to see so many submissions that were created with Cinema 4D.

A complete list of all award winners can be found at the AEAF Website.