3D, Constellations and Flying Fish image

3D, Constellations and Flying Fish Artist Murat Sayginer uses Cinema 4D to create a mysterious flood of images with a deserted island as a backdrop.

Volans is the name of a constellation in the southern sky, whose German name is 'flying fish'. This fish, a deserted island and the starry sky inspired artist Murat Sayginer to create a spectacular short film, which he created entirely by himself. Murat began his career as an illustrator and photographer. According to Murat himself, the evolution to animation was the next logical step if you look at the work featured on his website. Many of his photos told stories and were often shown as photographic series. Murat was introduced to Cinema 4D about five years ago. He wanted to tell stories and photography alone was too restrictive for what he wanted to do.

As an internationally known artist who has won numerous awards, Murat has released four films on the online platform Vimeo - of which Volans is the most impressive. In a style of fantastic realism it tells the story of a flying fish's voyage of discovery as it frees itself from a stone sphere and explores the world outside - a trip that quickly turns into a cosmic search for meaning.

The fully saturated colors of the scenes are often reminiscent of tantric Hindu meditative illustrations. In order to realize these visions, Murat took advantage of Cinema 4D's full range of tools. He used the Hair feature to create the carpet of grass that covers the island, and the water that seems to flow weightlessly from the island's pond towards the sky was created using Real Flow and rendered in Cinema 4D. Splines and Dynamics were used to create the numerous floating light particles.

The music that accompanies this unique film was also created by Murat and is timed perfectly to match the animation. Murat claims that the truth lies somewhere in-between: sometimes the music was made to match the animation and at times the animation was made to match the music.

Due to its popularity at Vimeo, Murat's 'Volans' animation was chosen as 'staff pick' even though it wasn't submitted for any animation festivals. Murat plans to continue along this path. Although he has a strong desire to create traditional film projects he will continue to realize his visions and ideas using Cinema 4D. After all, according to Murat Sayginer, "Cinema 4D is the most user-friendly animation software that was ever developed!"

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