Cinema 4D includes support for a host of industry-standard file formats. Because real-world 3D artists don't work in a vacuum, Cinema 4D features an array of import/export options for an extensive menu of popular file formats.

Okino PolyTrans

With the optionally available software PolyTrans for Cinema 4D, it's easy to natively convert various CAD file formats to Cinema 4D formats and vice-versa on Windows systems.

  • Converts from all major MCAD programs into highly optimized Cinema 4D files for immediate "load and render" into Cinema 4D.
  • Load or save entire Cinema 4D scenes within other popular 3D programs that would not otherwise work with Cinema 4D files.
  • Translates Cinema 4D data to all other major 3D DCC/Animation programs and file formats - including animation data, mesh skinning, child/parent hierarchy, geometry, materials, texture maps and more.

More Information here.

Formats natively supported by Cinema 4D

2D Image and Animation Formats (R/W)

  • TIFF
  • BodyPaint 3D
  • Photoshop PSD
  • Targa TGA
  • HDRI
  • DPX
  • Open EXR
  • BMP
  • PICT
  • IFF
  • JPEG
  • RLA
  • RPF
  • PNG
  • QuickTime (if available)
  • AVI (Windows only)

3D Formats

  • 3D Studio .3ds (R/W)
  • Alembic (R/W)
  • Biovision .bvh (R)
  • Collada .dae (R/W)
  • DEM (R)
  • DXF (R/W)
  • DWG (R)
  • Direct 3D .x (W)
  • FBX (R/W)
  • IGES* (R)
  • LightWave 3D .lws .lwo (R)
  • RIB (W)
  • SketchUp .skp (R)
  • STL (R/W)
  • VRML2 .wrl (R/W)
  • Wavefront .obj (R/W)

Compositing Formats (Write only)

  • After Effects (3D)
  • Final Cut (2D, Mac only)
  • Shake (2D)
  • Motion (3D, Mac only)
  • Nuke (2D)
  • Fusion (2D, Windows only)

2D Vector Formats

  • Illustrator (R/W)
  • EPS (R)

R = read / W = write


* Note that the IGES importer in Cinema 4D does not support all possible variations. To ensure that it meets your requirements, please contact our technical support team.