Peugeot 4002 - Project Name "Lion"

The full scale model of Stefan Schulze's car of the future will take your breath away.

Some time ago, you may recall, Stefan Schulze won the Peugeot Design Contest to design a car of the future. His winning entry, the "Lion," was designed and rendered in Cinema 4D.

We are proud to report that since then Stefan's stunning design has been turned into a full-scale model. And it's been turning heads at motor shows ever since!

The months have passed by since the Lion concept first came into being, but Stefan still has fond memories of the design process.

"Cinema 4D is so user-friendly that it didn't take long until I got results that I could actually use.

"I based my design on a lion's head with the mane falling behind it. The lion's head fitted my concept, and it also fits in neatly with Peugeot's logo. There's also a hint of motorbike in the design, which you can see most clearly in the high position of the wing mirrors.

"What has winning the contest meant for me? Well, I've had lots of new experiences and met interesting people. I've had my five minutes of fame, you might say!

"By developing Cinema 4D, Maxon also played a part in my win. Cinema 4D has a fast workflow and it's easy to learn. But most of all you can use it on bog standard computers too. Unlike other 3D apps, you don't need a high-spec system.

"Also, other 3D apps suit technical people more than artists, whereas with Cinema 4D it's the other way around. As a creative person you can be really imaginative in Cinema 4D and get your designs out of it very quickly."

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