U-Render Available for Early Access

The public beta phase has been completed and you can get your version of this real-time renderer at a reduced price

U-Render is a an ultra-fast real-time renderer perfectly suited for use in the fields of design, animation and visualization. Developer Uppercut Visual Technology’s aim is to drastically speed up users’ creative processes and help them reduce their hardware and energy costs with faster rendering.

U-Render supports, among others, physically-based lights and materials and, thanks to numerous post-processing effects such as Bloom and chromatic aberration, provides maximum time saving for compositing and post-production.

Starting on December 17, U-Render is available at a special introductory price of €199 (plus VAT) before it’s made available at its regular planned price of €399.

U-Render Website: u-render.com

Information about early access: https://u-render.com/get/early-access/