Node Fest Winner Triumphs with Cinema 4D

Jeremy Mansford's 'Find Magic Inside' has won the Ident Competition at the Node Fest 2017

This year's Node Fest was again host to the who's who of the Australian motion graphics industry. For their Ident Competition, professional designers as well as students were challenged to present their best works as a 15-second clip to see who would come out on top.

This year's winner is Jeremy Mansford. In his stylized ident clip, a Samurai skillfully fends off his opponent while cutting various foods into bite-sized bits. Jeremy used Cinema 4D with X-Particles and After Effects in conjunction with Real glow and Trapcode Particular to create this crafty clip.

We congratulate Jeremy on winning this year's Ident Competition!


Director, Art Director, Animation, Music Design: Jeremy Mansford
DOPs: James Healey + Jeremy Mansford
Starring: Deon Wong, James Healey + Noodle


Jeremy Mansford and Mark Richards at the Node Fest 2017