Forward Festival Zurich

01.06. – 02.06.2018

Forward brings together the best international and local creative heads, who provide insights into their success stories in an exciting atmosphere. The conference, the center- piece of the festival, is accompanied by various side events, such as workshops, live performances and networking events. Past speakers include Stefan Sagmeister, Erik Spiekermann, Jessica Walsh, Eike König, Paola Antonelli and many more. The home of Forward is Vienna, where the first festival took place four years ago. In 2016 the first festival took place in Munich and one year later Zurich was added to the festival map. Forward is thus the first and only creative festival to cover the entire German-speaking area. All festivals were sold out so far

  • NOERD Zürich
    Binzmühlestrasse 170A-D
    8050 Zürich