Scandinavian Minimalism in 3D

Sometimes less is more! This is proven quite impressively by Toke Blicher Møller’s animations that he created using Cinema 4D.

Toke Blicher Møller is an experienced 3D artist based in Denmark. Like many of his counterparts he works on projects for TV and advertising – but has also discovered an alternative way of expressing himself artistically: he creates animations, in part as pro-bono work, that focus on social injustices, marginalization and related topics. Toke’s motivation for doing this is simple: it’s what he can do to help others. His tool of choice for both his commercial and social projects is Cinema 4D.

Toke’s portfolio is filled with interesting projects but those that really stand out are his own. They emanate the unique laconic melancholy typical of Scandinavian films and books and are portrayed by Toke with maximum realism and a minimum of animation. His piece ‘One Road Two Worlds’ is an impressive example. Created as a title sequence for a documentation about the social and economic inequality in Denmark, its tonality is defined in the very first seconds of the show.

Toke works with textures that are projected onto 3D shapes. These are arranged onto multiple depth layers and animated to create an intense spatial effect that is underscored using subtle effects such as smoke, depth of field and dynamics. The clip ‘The Invisible Man’ is similar in its subtlety and message. The first impression viewers have is that this is a film about super heroes but quickly realize that the character is an invisible homeless person who is not perceived by most people.

“One of the reasons I keep creating such projects is surely their unique tonality, which suits me better than many of the commercial projects I create,” explains Toke. One look at his work such as the film ‘Lines’ or ‘Square’ shows how loyal he remains to his concept with regard to mood and minimalism. The sparseness of his work is due mostly to the fact that he works alone. Even though he shares an office with a production company whose sound designers and producers he can count on, he’s a lone wolf at the computer when it comes to putting everything together.

This is another reason Toke works with Cinema 4D: “Cinema 4D is not only very powerful but is able to handle everything I throw at it. If Cinema 4D reaches its limits I use plugins like XParticle, which can be seamlessly integrated into my workflow. I often use After Effects, which offers excellent integration and file exchange with Cinema 4D.”

Toke Blicher Møller is a seasoned 3D professional and an artist with formidable talent. With his non-commercial projects he is able to use slick computer graphics to successfully convey various aspects of humanity.

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