The mobile sculpting app designed for artists, by artists.


By Artists for Artists

Forger features an intuitive multi touch interface and a large range of tools. So you can start creating 3D models for films, games, 3D print them, or even walk among them thanks to augmented reality. Whether you’re a professional working in filmmaking, game development or character animation, or you’re just a budding young artist, Forger allows you creatively explore and bring your ideas to life.


Forger is included as part of your Maxon One subscription*
(Limited Free or Standalone Subscription also available)
*Forger can be used simultaneously on the iPad while your other Maxon One products are activated on your desktop apps.


      Create Wherever and Whenever

      Forger allows you to sculpt during your commute, on your couch, or even while you’re waiting in line. You can use your keyboard, the Apple Pencil or just your fingers. Forger is your portable sculpting workstation.


          Apple App of The Day

          “With the app’s impressive array of powerful sculpting and texture painting features, you can forget about tools, materials and big spaces… you only need your iPhone or iPad to start fleshing out your ideas.”



              “What I love most about forger is the mobility it gives me when I want to pick up my iPad and sculpt for a minute or more without isolating myself in front of my desktop. The app has all the required functionality to set up ideal preferences and in return gives a simple easy workflow for sketching 3D on the go.”

              Pascal Clement
              Head of Modeling - Framestore Montreal



                  • Seamless iterative workflow with Cinema 4D:
                    Objects can be moved back and forth between Cinema 4D and Forger to facilitate a seamless, iterative workflow.*
                    *Requires Cinema 4D Release 25.015 or later.
                  • Import OBJ, Alembic files.
                  • Export OBJ, STL, USD files.
                  • Multi-mesh support in scenes.
                  • Hardware keyboard support (Bluetooth or wired).
                  • Apple Pencil pressure sensitivity support.
                  • Undo/Redo history.
                  • Background and Reference image “ImagePlane” support.
                  • Left- and Right-handed UI modes.
                  • Turntable and Free Orbiting navigation modes.
                  • Action Pivot navigation mode.
                  • Turntable video generation.
                  • Image rendering with alpha at different resolutions.


                      Lighting & Shading

                      • Latlong Image Based Lighting IBL support (exr/hdr).
                      • PBR, Blinn and LitSphere material support (PBR uses roughness workflow).
                      • Shaded, Faceted and Wireframe viewport display modes (sculpting).
                      • Normal, Darker, Transparent and Hidden on unselected choices.


                          Sculpting Tools

                          • Brushes: Standard, Clay, Smooth, Move, Pull, Flatten, Polish, Scrape, Planar, Inflate, Crease, Stamp, Mask.
                          • Image support for brush tips (aka Alphas and Stamps).
                          • Smooth stroke (aka Lazy Mouse and Steady Stroke).
                          • User-adjustable falloff curves.
                          • Customizable use of pressure sensitivity (size, strength or both).
                          • Jitters for brush size, strength, rotation, position.
                          • Transform tool. (Translate, Rotate and Scale).
                          • Caliper tool.
                          • Screen-space, marquee-style masking and visibility setting (with Lasso, Rectangle, Square, Ellipse and Circle shapes).
                          • Brush preset system (allows storing and sharing presets among users, iPad-only).


                              Sculpting Core

                              • Multi-resolution mesh sculpting via Catmull-Clark mesh subdivisions.
                              • Rebuild subdivision levels from previously subdivided meshes.
                              • Volume-based quad-dominant remeshing.
                              • Auto-retopo quad-dominant remeshing.
                              • Sculpt layers.
                              • Sculpt masks.
                              • Vertex colors.
                              • Face groups.
                              • Ability to Clear, Invert, Blur, Sharpen, Grow and Shrink masks.
                              • Combine meshes.
                              • Split meshes by adjacency, visibility and masks.
                              • Extract thick meshes from other meshes based on masks.
                              • Ability to close holes in existing meshes.
                              • Simple auto-generation of mesh UVs.
                              • Symmetrical sculpting based on axis of choice.
                              • Tangent symmetrical sculpting for posed, topologically symmetrical meshes.
                              • Ability to reapply symmetry to topologically symmetrical meshes.
                              • Ability to make meshes symmetrical.
                              • VDM stamp use & creation support.



                                  Minimum Requirements:

                                  • iOS 15 or later
                                  • Devices: iPad Pro or current model iPad


                                  The more complex the model being sculpted, the more RAM required. While there is no screen size requirement, as anticipated the bigger the better when it comes to sculpting workspace.