Each day, partners and internationally renowned artists will be presenting their insights into their work with Cinema 4D.
A schedule of presentations and information about the speakers and their topics are available here.


The latest release of Cinema 4D includes powerful, flexible tools that greatly simplify professional 3D workflow. Outstanding new features include the Voronoi Fracturing, interactive knife tools, 3D object tracking, numerous MoGraph enhancements, additional shader and surface effects, and Substance Engine integration. Cinema 4D evangelists Glenn Frey and Jonas Pilz will demonstrate all major innovations and show how the new features and tools can add even more productivity to your workflow.    

In this presentation we will give a live demo of Substance Designer and how parametric Substance textures can be used in Cinema 4D, which now integrates the Substance Engine natively in Release 18.

When Brett and his team assembled to create their motion response for Pause Fest 2016, they approached the project utilizing all kinds of tools, including sculpting, X-Particles, Octane and Deformers to deliver a top-tier project. Watch as he explores the creative and technical process from conception to final delivery and how he approaches generating assets, building custom rigs and look development with this project.

In this presentation you will see a selection of Jan Sladecko‘s best commercial and TV works and get a closer look on how he created a few of them.

Lukáš will show a complete workflow for projects that involve Cinema 4D, its integration with Real-Time 3D graphics suite Ventuz 5 and Virtual Reality.

The new Nike MercurialX Streetsoccer Sneaker was introduced with a spot as fast and as radical as the shoe itself. The making-of gives interesting insights in the production of the project, techniques and especially troubleshooting.

Where did we start, where are we now? Making things look ugly and combining dynamic simulations and puppeteering to create linear, interactive and random animation.