OTOY Adds Redshift Support to the Render Network image

OTOY Adds Redshift Support to the Render Network Partnership with Maxon provides users access to millions of distributed GPUs, future plans include the development of native integration for Cinema 4D.

Friedrichsdorf, Germany - November 23, 2021 - OTOY and Maxon are thrilled to announce that Redshift will be coming to the Render Network, providing Redshift users the ability to scale GPU rendering jobs to millions of distributed GPUs on the Render Network. Redshift integration on the Render Network is a milestone for the industry's first blockchain peer-to-peer GPU rendering network and 3D marketplace, allowing the platform to support an expanded set of production workflows from motion graphics and VFX, to gaming, design and scientific visualization. As part of the partnership, OTOY and Maxon will also be developing a native integration of Cinema 4D on the Render Network, providing a one-click solution for uploading to the Render Network, bypassing the need for time consuming scene conversion and exporting processes.

With Redshift on the Render Network, users will be able to frictionlessly move between render engines, providing a toolchain agnostic platform for scaling GPU rendering tasks across millions of decentralized GPUs. Its usage-based licensing options for cloud GPU rendering workflows, will empower Redshift artists to scale GPU rendering tasks on-demand without the need to pay large up-front licensing costs.

“Cinema 4D on the Render Network will dramatically accelerate artist workflows,” commented David McGavran, CEO of Maxon. “It will enable our community to leverage the scale and efficiency of millions of decentralized GPUs in the cloud without the barriers of cumbersome scene conversion and exporting.”

“This integration between Cinema 4D, Redshift and the Render Network is a significant milestone on our decade long mission to democratize high-end 3D content creation and a breakthrough for the development of the open metaverse, added Jules Urbach, the CEO and founder of OTOY. “Artists can now create boundary pushing motion graphics, visual effects and cryptoart, frictionlessly mixing and matching rendering pipelines while leveraging the unprecedented scale of millions of decentralized GPUs.”

The Render Network already supports all of the industry's leading 3D tool sets across VFX, gaming, motion design, architectural visualization and simulation, with 20+ DCC integrations, including native support for Unity3D and Unreal Engine. This partnership expands in The Render Network's Multi-Render initiative to support the industry's leading GPU render engines, starting with OctaneRender, Redshift and Arnold Render.

Redshift support on the Render Network is planned for the first half of 2022 and will be available at render.x.io.

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