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New month, new content Always the right tools at hand - with the C4D Asset Browser

Let’s talk about the new assets available for the month of July! This month is all about tools! Clamps, sledge hammers, paint rollers, all these little things that will help you populate your scene and make it feel alive!

Of course the objects are not just good as background props. They can also be used as hero objects! Most of them have 4k color, normal and displacement maps so you can get quite a bit of detail out of them!

Of course they all come with the usual attention to geometry detail you’ve come to expect. All objects are clearly named and easily modifiable. So if you need to take something out it’s just a matter of expanding the hierarchy and getting rid of the geometry you don’t need.

Last but not least we have a great little setup from Jonas Pilz which showcases how flexible procedural setups can be! It’s a really cool scene and if at some point you feel lost you can watch Jonas go through the setup on this YouTube video!

Here’s the complete list of new assets added this month:

 • Axe
 • C Clamp
 • F Clamp - Old
 • Paint Roller - Big
 • Paint Roller - Details
 • Paint Roller Tray
 • Plastic Spring Clamp - 10cm
 • Sledgehammer - Big
 • Sledgehammer - Small
 • Hacksaw
 • Handsaw

Features/Procedural Modeling
 • Rails

Fixed phong shading of Washer-Square in Objects/Screws