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The Benefits of Becoming a Maxon Certified Master Trainer Designer Marc Potocnik explains how his certification makes clear the quality of his own training business.

Marc Potocnik is the founder and director of German animation studio renderbaron and an expert in shading, lighting and rendering in Cinema 4D and Redshift. With more than 27 years of industry experience, he is a veteran user of Cinema 4D and the only Maxon Certified Master Trainer outside of Maxon in Germany. As a regular speaker at industry events such as SIGGRAPH, IBC, FMX, and others, Potocnik is passionate about sharing his knowledge and inspiring other industry professionals.

We spoke with Potocnik about his work, how he got certified as a Master Trainer and the comfortable learning environment he provides at his own Maxon Authorized Training Center in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Masterclass Redshift - Exploring Shader Setups, Lighting and Rendering

Potocnik: I have enjoyed drawing since I was a child. I realized I wanted to become a graphic designer after I finished school and my alternative civilian service in 1996. I began my studies for a degree in design at the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf, and after the first semester I started a professional internship at a local advertising agency in my hometown of Bad Honnef. They had recently started to use 3D in their workflow, so I needed to get myself up to speed to be ready for the assignment.

After using Macromedia Extreme 3D and Bryce 3D for a while, I switched to Maxon Cinema 4D in 1998. From that day on, there was no stopping me. In 2001, I moved to Düsseldorf and started my own business.

Potocnik: I focus on 3D animation for well-known clients. A few of my notable projects include VFX for the TV series “Alarm für Cobra 11”, visualization projects for BMW and Audi, and commercials for Wilkinson Sword. I have also worked on over 40 productions for German TV station ZDF’s renowned documentary magazines including “Terra X” and “Leschs Kosmos.”

Visualization for Laserline GmbH

During all those years, what kept me close with Maxon is the strong worldwide community that surrounds Cinema 4D. I have had the pleasure of giving numerous talks around the world at various events, including Maxon's user meetings and industry events such as FMX, IBC, and SIGGRAPH.

Potocnik speaking for Intel and Maxon at SIGGRAPH 2019 in Los Angeles

Potocnik: During my first years of creative projects, I was able to deepen my skills in shading, lighting, and rendering to an extent that made me become an expert in these areas. Lighting, even without global illumination, is an area I've been passionate about. I've been sharing my knowledge about this in talks at Maxon roadshows and user meetings since 2008.

In 2010, a friend at a training company asked me to step in for a training course on shading and lighting, and later I expanded the script into a complete training course I could offer in my studio. When Maxon began to develop an official training program in 2013, they approached me to see if I would like to take part in the newly established annual trainer conference. So, I developed training material for them and became a Maxon Certified Trainer in 2014.

Annual Maxon Trainer Conference 2016 in Düsseldorf

Eventually, I expanded my simple training script into fully-fledged training material. My official Maxon training course “Shading, Lighting, & Rendering with Cinema 4D” soon comprised a 160-page script, included numerous example files and captured the essence of years of professional experience.

Potocnik: Offering my training courses as a Cinema 4D Master Trainer is the ideal seal of quality. I am listed on the Maxon website as a Master Trainer, so potential customers can easily find and contact me and feel confident about the quality of my training courses.

My studio has been a Maxon Authorized Training Center since 2018. This means that the training courses, my specially equipped training room, and my services meet an outstanding standard of quality. Up to five participants can learn Cinema 4D and Redshift on high-performance workstations in a relaxed environment with the best view of the banks of the Rhine River.

Potocnik’s studio is situated on the banks of the Rhine River.

People who complete my training courses gain lots of new knowledge, insights and a good boost of motivation to use what they have learned in their own projects. They enjoy learning how to create fascinating images in their everyday creative practice. Sharing my knowledge is a very fulfilling and fun thing to do.

If you are a company looking to make one of your 3D artists an in-house Cinema 4D Champion or a freelancer interested in becoming a certified Cinema 4D Pro User or Trainer, please get in touch with the Maxon Training Team at [email protected] and they’ll get you started.