Maxonian Step Challenge 2022 image

Maxonian Step Challenge 2022 Maxon Employees Around the World Join Forces to raise 8,000€ for charities.

This year, Maxonians worldwide teamed up for a Step Challenge that virtually traveled from Glasgow to Rome. The participants collectively logged more than 30,273,000 steps and “walkedmore than 20,700 km. The challenge lasted five weeks and not only promoted healthy habits and teamwork among the Maxon offices around the world, but also together raised a donation of 8,000€ to support two great NGOs.

The “German Society for Muscle Diseases” has been awarded 4,000 €. This association works supporting people with neuromuscular diseases in Germany, by offering advice, information and broad research into the various muscle diseases representing all patients.

Also awarded with 4,000€ was the “Muscular Dystrophy Canada” organization which provides programs and services, research, and advocacy to support people affected by neuromuscular disorders.

Moreover, thanks to collaborating with Big Team Challenge, Maxon has helped plant 16 trees to reduce our carbon footprint.

All teams kicked off the step adventure by choosing team names and sharing unique pictures of their hikes, walks, and runs alone, with family and colleagues. The ranking of the teams changed daily. No one made it easy! Like everything, the fun times came to an end.

The winning team “HANNIBAL” has also been awarded a Team T-shirt and/or Sweatshirt commemorating the Step Challenge. Congratulations, HANNIBAL team! Amit Tyagi, Mamika Kawamoto, Maximilian Werhahn, Juanjo Gonzalez, Brad Fish, Elly Wade, Daniela Trujillo, Wendy Babb.