An Artist’s Guide to Linear Light, Gamma and ACES image

An Artist’s Guide to Linear Light, Gamma and ACES Filmmaking veteran Stu Maschwitz explains important color management and grading concepts

If you want to learn more about the popular topic of color management, we’ve got the right resource for you: In his new blog post, Stu Maschwitz – our Chief Creative Officer – is back with some hands-on explanations of color, gamma and linear floating point in an attempt to consolidate, summarize and modernize the Prolost take on film color management.

Geared toward 3D artists, VFX artists and colorists who want to take their work to the next level, the blog post covers a wide range of topics, including tips for modeling real behavior of light in 3D rendering and VFX compositing. You’ll also learn more about gamma management, how Magic Bullet Looks 5 and Colorista work under the hood to process HDR imaging, ACES color management and more. On top of that, Stu’s got you covered with free Prolost ACES presets for After Effects!

If the blog sparked your interest, join the Maxon Training Team on Monday, July 26 when Stu Maschwitz will appear as a special guest on the next Demystifying Post Production webinar, where he will be on hand for a creative investigation of filmic grading treatments. Stu will not only offer practical tips, he’ll also be explaining how Magic Bullet Film tools were specifically designed to create accurate filmic treatments.

Tune in and get your questions answered!