우수하고 열정적인 사람들이 모인 Maxon은 크리에이티브 산업에 깊이 뿌리를 두고 있으며, 아티스틱 커뮤니티에 지대한 기여를 하고 있습니다. 우리는 Maxonian입니다. 우리는 서로가 호기심을 가진 학습자가 되도록 북돋우고 동기를 부여합니다. 구입 전, 구입 과정 및 구입 후에도 고객들의 만족과 영감을 위하여 집착합니다. 여러분도 Maxon의 일원이 되어, 2D 및 3D 시각 효과, 모션 그래픽스, 게임, AR/MR/VR, 시각화 및 전반적인 디자인을 위한 섬세한 소프트웨어를 시장에 제공하는데 도움이 되길 원하신다면 함께 얘기해 보도록 합시다.

Channel Sales Account Manager EMEA (m/f/d)


  • Bad Homburg (Metropolitan Area Frankfurt), Germany

What you will do:

Maxon is seeking a dynamic and results-oriented Channel Sales Account Manager to join our team. If you thrive in a fast-paced environment, excel at building strong relationships, and have a passion for driving partner success, then this is the perfect opportunity for you.

  • Manage all day to day reseller relationships with partners and their top customers in region
  • Understand how multi-tier distribution functions
  • Understand Maxon's channel price list and different tiers
  • Understand specific Salesforce reports on region, countries, partners and product performance
  • Understand data in available reports
  • Understand reseller margins /commissions and reseller profitability and have a general understanding of a software reseller
  • Understand the reseller contract and the obligations of the channel partners and Maxon and ensure any shortfalls are addressed
  • Understand Maxon's channel quote to cash process. (Ie. quote generation, reseller PO, order entry, license release and invoicing)
  • Provide guidance to partners on structuring deals with appropriate products, pricing and term options
  • Drive renewal business and assist creating new business opportunities
  • Enable partners by facilitating training for product specialists and technical teams with the Maxon Training team
  • Conduct quarterly business review and planning sessions with relevant channel partners
  • Drive joint marketing initiatives with partners through events and other marketing campaigns that generate quantifiable demand or brand awareness
  • Support recruiting new partners in region
  • Actively recruit new partners in region and provide recommendations on partners that should be terminated

What we are looking for:

  • Bachelor’s degree in relevant discipline
  • At least 2 - 5 years of related experience or 3 years of high tech, sales or channel sales equivalent work experience
  • Very good communication skills in English, written and spoken
  • Good knowledge of MS Office and Salesforce
  • Ideally experience in an international corporate environment
  • Effectively handle multiple priorities, organize workload and meet deadlines
  • Excellent interpersonal skills

What we offer:

You will be offered permanent employment, full-time, at our office listed above. You will be part of a highly motivated international team of specialists working in an environment that offers a warm welcome with detailed onboarding and a dedicated mentor for a familiarization period as well as a wide range of individual development possibilities. Interested in joining our team? Fill out the form or email us your resume/CV (.pdf).
Don’t meet every single requirement? At Maxon we embrace diversity, are avid explorers and curious learners, so if you’re excited about this role but your experience doesn’t entirely match every qualification in the job description, we encourage you to apply in any case. You may be just the right candidate for this or other positions.
We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Maxon is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace.

우리는 늘 호기심을 갖고 배우는 자세로 혁신을 위하여 서로 도전을 북돋우며 동기를 부여합니다. 우라는 일을 하는 방법도 알지만 일을 즐기는 방법도 알고 있습니다. Maxon은 즐겁게 몰입하는 독특한 커뮤니티를 구축하는 이벤트들로 유명합니다. 여러분도 Maxon의 일원이 되어, 2D 및 3D 시각 효과, 모션 그래픽스, 게임, AR/MR/VR, 시각화 및 전반적인 디자인을 위한 섬세한 소프트웨어를 시장에 제공하는데 도움이 되길 원하신다면 함께 얘기해 보도록 합시다.

Maxon은 기회 균등의 고용자입니다. 지원 자료의 수집과 처리에 관한 정보.

서로 협업하고 서로 존중하며 서로 돕습니다. 우리는 다양성을 포용합니다.

우리는 구입 이전, 구입 과정 및 구입 이후까지 고객의 만족에 집착합니다.

그들의 성공이 곧 우리 제품의 가치를 말해 줍니다.

우리는 변화를 수용하고 미래를 추구하며 첨단 솔루션들을 창조합니다.