3Dconnexion and Maxon Enable New Level of 3D Navigation in Cinema 4D image

3Dconnexion and Maxon Enable New Level of 3D Navigation in Cinema 4D 3Dconnexion and Maxon have collaborated on a new, streamlined and powerful integration between Cinema 4D and the 3Dconnexion product line.

Munich, 25 April 2023 – 3Dconnexion and Maxon have collaborated on a new, powerful integration enabling Cinema 4D users to reach a new level of 3D navigation and streamlined workflows, by using the 3Dconnexion product line. Digital artists can now enjoy a game-changing experience when creating and working in Cinema 4D.

3Dconnexion, manufacturer of the well-known SpaceMouse® range of 3D mice, and Maxon, creator of powerful solutions for artists in motion graphics, visual effects and visualization, have teamed up on a new solution for Cinema 4D, aiming to offer the best possible user experience to their content creator community.

The new integration, available for both Windows and Mac users, was able to come to life through a close partnership between both sides’ engineering teams, who have been putting their mutual users’ needs at the heart of this project. It ensures that all known and appreciated 3Dconnexion features are available on all devices - from SpaceMouse, to CadMouse, Keyboard Pro and Numpad.

“Making sure that our users benefit from 3Dconnexion features to the fullest in Cinema 4D is a top priority for us. Our engineering teams have jointly put considerable effort into this integration, resulting in a superior solution including intuitive, flawless navigation with automatic center of rotation setting, significant performance improvements and full Cinema 4D command support”, says Robert Stadie, Product Manager at 3Dconnexion.

“Our products are designed to revolutionize the way users work, by streamlining and optimizing their workflow like never before.” said Antonio Pascucci, Chief Executive Officer at 3Dconnexion. “With our tools, we believe digital content creators will be able to improve their immersive creative experience by having fun, saving time, and ultimately achieving their goals faster.”

Many users in the Cinema 4D community swear by using a SpaceMouse® which allows them to navigate effortlessly around models and scenes, while simultaneously activating application commands to speed up their workflows. The smooth rotations on 6 axes cannot be replicated with a standard mouse and keyboard, opening up all sorts of exciting new possibilities for camera moves.

“SpaceMouse provides an immersive workspace experience, allowing artists to feel fully integrated in their creative environment,” said Paul Babb, Chief Marketing Officer at Maxon. “This enables them to freely move around the virtual space, and more easily visualize and implement their artistic vision.”

The new 3Dconnexion solution for Cinema 4D users is included in the latest 3Dconnexion driver – 3DxWare® – which can be downloaded freely from the 3Dconnexion website.

Through a series of new and improved software integrations, 3Dconnexion has recently expanded its offering to the digital content creation field for artists, 3D creators and game developers.

The new Cinema 4D solution adds to a portfolio of industry-standard software applications featuring full support for 3Dconnexion devices, such as Unreal Engine, Unity, ZBrush and many others. This way, the company seeks to support creators throughout their entire workflow, with unified navigation and responsive features ranging across the entire application suite.