Asset Browser Update: Arch-Viz and MoGraph Edition image

Asset Browser Update: Arch-Viz and MoGraph Edition Add some green to your interior renderings or spice up map visualizations with our new assets in September!

With this month’s Asset Browser update, we’re adding new content that can save the day especially for the architectural crowd and motion graphics artists!

When building your interiors you cannot have enough props. Especially vegetation which is tricky to produce. That’s why we have 8 new beautiful, ready to use houseplants (Boxwood, Ficus, Swiss Cheese Plant and Yucca Palm). They come with different variations on shape and pots to match the style of your render.

If you’re working in motion graphics and have ever needed to quickly highlight areas on a map or indicate travel routes, the new pins and graphical planes might be just the thing for you.

Download the free assets now and start creating!

Example Scenes/Features/ Data Integration
 • Browser Bar Chart

 • Pin 01
 • Pin 02
 • Pin 03
 • Pin 04 - Flag

 • Boxwood 01
 • Boxwood 02
 • Ficus Elastica 01
 • Ficus Elastica 02
 • Monstera Deliciosa 01
 • Monstera Deliciosa 02
 • Yuca Palm 01
 • Yuca Palm 02

 • Toy Plane 01
 • Toy Plane 02