HDR Light Studio 8.2 Adds New Features to Cinema 4D image

HDR Light Studio 8.2 Adds New Features to Cinema 4D U.K.-Based Lightmap’s latest update adds new key features and important functions for the Cinema 4D plugin.

HDR Light Studio is designed for professional 3D artists looking for a fast, efficient, accurate, controllable, and creative approach to lighting CG shots. A dedicated lighting application connected via Cinema 4D plugin, as well as a chosen renderer, HDR Light Studio includes a wide range of presets for lighting content.

Lightmap’s HDR Light Studio 8.2 includes many new features Cinema 4D artists can use to boost lighting design workflows. Updates include: Preset Auditioning, Reflection Filter, new LightPaint methods, Infinite settings for Scrim Lights, and 405 new HDRI maps.

HDR Light Studio Shadow mode lets you position shadows cast by light. Shade mode positions the light so that the clicked surface lies in the shade of the light.

The new Reflection Filter offers creative possibilities for the lighting process. Now you can easily create symmetrical lighting designs around an axis on the HDRI. The filter is ideal for speeding up studio lighting for product and packaging shots.

The new Audition Mode helps to instantly apply presets temporarily to the selected light. Auditioning is a huge time saver and works with most presets: HDRI maps, highlights, colors, alpha, and more.

HDR Light Studio 8.2 is compatible withCinema 4D R25, S26, and 2023 supportingCinema 4D Physical renderer, Redshift, V-Ray, Octane, Arnold, and Corona. HDRLight Studio 8 alsoincludes plug-ins for other leading 3D software.

The Cinema 4D plug-in is included with HDR Light Studio 'Indie, Pro, andAutomotive' licenses. HDR Light Studio 8.2 is available now to try for free and to buy from www.lightmap.co.uk