3D Print and Render Engine Webinars Now Available at YouTube image

3D Print and Render Engine Webinars Now Available at YouTube Our 3D print and render engine webinars were a huge success. Everyone who was not able to take part live can now see them in full length on the Maxon YouTube channel.

In his webinar about 3D printing, Paulo Kiefe first explains what a 3D printer is, what it can be used for and how the 3D print workflow works. He sheds a light on the wide range of printing possibilities as well as the technological limitations for printing more delicate and complex objects. 3D artists learn what's important when modeling printable objects in Cinema 4D and are shown what they should pay attention to in the Project settings and for their geometry. Paulo also gives valuable tips for printing multi-color, large and very robust objects. For Cinema 4D users with their own 3D printer, Paulo uses a practical example to show how to model a lampshade in Cinema 4D and print it on a commercial 3D printer using Sli3er software. The final 3D files for the lampshade created in the webinar can be downloaded here. For those looking for the right render engine for their specific needs, Dominik Dammelhart's webinar 'Guide for the Render Engine Jungle' is an excellent choice. A freelance 3D generalist, Dominik compares several render engines available for Cinema 4D such as Arnold, Maxwell, VrayForCinema 4D, Octane and Corona. Artists will learn which advantages each renderer offers and the limitations that result for specific hardware constellations or product scenarios. Whether for large production studios with huge render farms or individual freelancers with limited budgets, the wide range of external renderers for Cinema 4D offers something for everyone. Dominik's introduction helps Cinema 4D users decide if GPU rendering is the best option or if CPU rendering should be used. A test scene is used to demonstrate material setups and render settings for various render engines. Dominik compares the results and makes personal recommendations for freelancers and production studios. Maxon hopes you enjoy these interesting and informative webinars!